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A mobile cat grooming service on the  Sunshine Coast, Fantastic Felines services all suburbs within 20 minutes of Coolum Beach, Queensland.

From Noosa down to Mooloolaba, across to Nambour, Buderim and Cooroy. We come to you on the Sunshine Coast. Outside of these suburbs, you can come to us in Coolum Beach.

Most importantly, your cat will be groomed, one on one, by a fully Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG). Helping us with this, forms you may be required to fill out for your first appointment include our client information form and our at risk release form.

mobile cat grooming Van
Angela Certified cat groomer

Cat Groomer Sunshine Coast and Melbourne

Our focus is on cat grooming. We work one on one with your cat and do not require anyone to help hold your cat whilst being groomed. We are able to offer a relaxed and attentive atmosphere for each cat whilst being groomed with no distractions.
Above all, we specialise in grooming cats and are very good at what we do.  
An example of this is a video featuring a short snippet of our certified cat groomer bathing a cat. And, this cat is having a bath for the very first time!

Professionally Trained 

Having trained under one of Australia’s top cat groomers, Angela has received certification to become the Sunshine Coast’s first Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG).
Fantastic Felines is a member of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA).
The NCGIA are a certification association who set the international standards for cat groomers. They have certifiers worldwide which encourage groomers to provide the highest level results, care and service.
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Member of World Renowned National Cat Groomers Institute of America

Tick Mobile Cat Grooming

Certified Feline Master Groomer

Tick Mobile Cat Grooming

Over 20 Years Experience Working with Animals

Tick Mobile Cat Grooming

Cat Groomer

Cat Grooming Options

The grooming options available for trimming your cat will be determined by a number of factors. Many of these factors are explained in the article here. These include, but are not limited to the cat’s condition, age, temperament, coat type, and breed, as well as the preferences of the individual owners. Expanding on this further, is an article on shaving cats.

Illustrating some examples of available grooming options, such as a Lion Cut or Comb Cut are some pictures below. However, once we see your cat in person, we can better determine what groom will be best suited to your cat.

Finally, you are able to read an article on the subject of cat grooming written by NCGIA founder Danelle German.

Comb Cut

Comb Cut

De-Shed Treatment


Lion Cut

Shaved Mobile Cat Grooming

Sanitary Clip

Sanitary Clip Sunshine Coast

Belly Shave

Cat being shaved by Cat Groomer

Nail Caps

Mobile Cat Grooming Nail Caps Sunshine Coast
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There are a variety of services on offer to meet your cat grooming needs. 

Some of the problems you and your cat may be dealing with are tangles, mats/knots, fleas, dandruff, allergies, hairballs/furballs, sharp claws, clawing at furniture, shedding, greasy coat, odours, and unsanitary conditions. Hence no matter the problem, we are here to help.

To explain some the most frequently asked questions about cat grooming, please see our FAQ tab.

In addition, our Facebook Page illustrates some of our cat grooming styles.

Pricing varies depending on the coat condition, the cats size and temperament toward grooming. Extra fees for matting are from $30.

Once your cat is on the recommended 4,6 or 8 weekly grooming schedule and the coat is in good condition, a de-shed averages $120 and a haircut averages $130.

Mobile Cat Grooming Two Cats

Comb Cuts and Lion Cuts include a complimentary nail trim, degreasing bath and blow dry

• COMB CUT from $130 can not be done on non compliant cats, matted or knotty coats. 

• LION CUT from $140 only suitable for compliant cats

DE-SHED from $120 includes a nail trim, de-greasing bath, hydrating coat treatment, blow dry, ear clean and de-shed.

For our mobile service on the Sunshine Coast, the options below are only available as an add on to the grooming options.

Belly Shave from $20
Sanitary Clip $15
Nail Caps- Front only $20
Nail Caps- Full Set $35
Toe Tuft Trim $20

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