Client Information

Fantastic Felines Cat Grooming
Cat’s Name/s
List any and all pre-existing health conditions that you are aware of _______________________
Has your cat ever had a reaction to a flea & tick product? hghrggvdYes _______gNo ________
Do you authorize us to use a flea product if fleas are present? hgvidYes _______gNo ________
How did you hear about usg______________________________________________________________

TERMS (Review Carefully)

1. The animal is fit and healthy and is deemed by you to be healthy and sound enough for grooming, as well is current on all vaccinations. Any and all grooming which takes place on an elderly cat, Or one with health problems either Current or Discovered, will solely be at the owner’s risk. Grooming may expose pre-existing health and/or skin problems for which Fantastic Felines Cat Grooming it’s employees or affiliates cannot be held liable. INITIALS _____

2. In the event of an injury or health concern, we are authorized to contact a vet and authorize any veterinary treatment for the cat as necessary. The owner is responsible for all veterinary charges that may incur as a result.
If we deem the cat has a health concern, we will stop the groom and contact you the owner. It is left to our discretion if we can continue the groom, even if the groom has not been completed. As well if we deem the cat to have an aggressive nature we may stop the groom even if it has not been completed and payment will be required for all services up to the point the groom was stopped. INITIALS_________

3. De-matting/detangling of matted hair may cause patchiness and hair loss. Beyond the removing of some tangles an extra charge will be added to the price of the groom for mat removal. As the owner you agree to this charge. Consent to remove the matted hair is on this understanding. Shaving your cat will dramatically change the pet’s appearance, and the hair will be very close to the skin. This increases the risk of cuts or nicks from the blade and may expose pre-existing skin conditions for which Fantastic Felines Cat Grooming its employees or affiliates are not responsible. Severe matting and/or pelting will result in an additional surcharge, based upon the severity of the problem and the time required to correct it. A fecal removal surcharge and/or biter surcharge may also apply. The owner agrees to pay for all charges at the time of pick up. INITIALS________

4. Payment will be made as per price list and/or quote and is due at time of pick-up. INITIALS________

I have read and hereby agree to the foregoing as the owner(caregiver acting on the owners behalf) of(for) the cat/cats. I also hereby state that all information I have provided to Fantastic Felines Cat Grooming is true and correct.

Owner(Acting Caregiver):